Things that are helping me with BED

by cathrynbauer

  • The podcasts Love, Food and Weight Loss Made Real, both available on Stitcher.
  • Enlisting my Bullet Journal in the struggle, adapting BuJo techniques of listing and logging to help with this.
  • Accepting that weight loss is slow at my age and focusing losing ounces rather than pounds.
  • Reading every Kindle book I can get my hands on about Binge Eating Disorder.
  • Making it a project to fall in love with the miracle that is my body, just as it is.
  • Call a binge a binge. When I come home from work, take a bite of something and just keep on eating, that’s not a meal. That’s a binge.
  • Be aware of how much I’m eating. Don’t hide it from myself by taking bites here and there and saying, “That’s got to be X calories.” You don’t know unless you stop and think. Mindfulness. Know what I’m eating, how much and why, all the time.