by cathrynbauer

2013-01-06treeletA living Yule treelet settles in.

The work has been so intense that I got the transcripts in and then didn’t schedule for the rest of this week.  That was Monday, and it was Wednesday, yesterday, before I felt like I had any energy to do anything!  I am two pounds lighter at the first of this month than the first of last month.  I have semi-failed the complex Weight Watchers Online program, but I am not willing to give up on it.   I’m registered and paying for the thing and really, it’s a good way to go even if the recipes so far that I’ve tried have not been very good, nor has the online support on the WW site.  So yesterday, I started a Facebook group, a secret one, for court reporters who want to lose weight.  Within hours, I had a really great little group, and I think it will be helpful.  We’ve agreed on two things: no pyramid schemes and that we will unanimously approve all members in future.

Finally got myself to the Old Time jam south of here in St. Mary’s County.  I will be going back even though I kind of rate it three out of five stars.  Most players are beginners to intermediate, but what a fun, intelligent, and personable group!  I also found the tunes catchy and fun.  This is something I want to do.  But this also reinforced my sense that, “I want to go somewhere and play fast!”  Finding the right Irish group (or two) is going to be a project, but a fun one.  Sunday is really the best day for me time- and energy-wise, and I am definitely going to have to drive (sigh).  I need to go listen first and get a sense of the group and talk to the leader at the break; there is a more formal etiquette for Irish sessions than other Celtic groups.  Unfortunately, I just didn’t like the Scottish fiddlers.  There were a few nice folks I hope to see around again, but there was a lot of the same dynamic I disliked in the SF Scottish Fiddlers, e.g., turf, passive aggression, folks wanting to be important like in the Pagan groups I’ve seen.  No stage mothers, though; in SFSF, they were ruthless, and that was not fun to see.  I also didn’t like how unfocused the group was, drifting on and on in conversation between sets.  The patrons aren’t there to watch us talk.  It just didn’t fit the way the Old Time group did.  I need that feeling before I commit myself to a group.  Interesting life lesson.

Very much looking forward to Sunday when I will meet another OBOD member and a friend of hers that I am now FB friends with, as well.  We have had online discussion, and they are seriously interesting ladies.   Speaking of OBOD, almost immediately after writing the last post, I began thinking of counterarguments to not applying to go past the Bardic grade.  I don’t like it, but the group is set up as a correspondence course.  And I began seeing ways that it had changed me, ways that I liked a lot.  For example, when there was a program on fracking at the library at a time when I was able to go, I didn’t make any excuses.  I just went, and I got resources for writing letters on the issue.  There is no fracking in Maryland, yet another reason why it’s a cool state, and I want to keep it that way.  One of my projects for this week is to get those out.  Like I used to say when I did the animal rights newsletter, our elected representatives are our employees.  We hire them with our votes and pay them with our tax dollars.  So let’s give them some supervisory direction!  I know my OBOD course’s influence inspired me to do that.  And studying the elements has been tremendously enriching.

Tomorrow is Imbolc, feast of Brighid, my matron goddess who has always given so generously to me.