Christmas Liberated!

by cathrynbauer


Mutual sloth.

So here I am, up at the usual time on Christmas, working on a transcript, and I feel great.  Reading all of the Facebook posts about family celebrations has not depressed me at all.  This year, it’s taken me back to the tension, overexcitement, and sense of being on display to the extended family that was part of it all.  And I don’t miss it anymore.  We have something better.  We are enjoying the holiday our way.  It is leaving me feeling grateful and content.  Our decorations are minimal and a little unconventional, e.g., who gets three evergreen seedlings and calls them a Christmas tree?   We do, and it works for us.

We decided to do the presents the way I was always used to this year.  Presents are ready after going to church on Christmas Eve.  The Weihnachtsmann (Christmas man) brings them while we are at church.  Well, Ted and I skipped the church service, but we gifted each other thoughtfully, and opening the presents was a great pleasure.  I had been plotting his gifts since we were in the Pendleton store on King Street in Alexandria.  I knew he’d talk about wanting a Hudson Bay blanket every time he saw one and then not buy it, world without end, amen.  So that’s what I got him, plus a toy item from the Air & Space Museum Shop he couldn’t leave alone when we were there.  And my presents were excellent.  I got several well-chosen books (thank you, Amazon Wish List) and, interestingly, a whole bunch of beautiful soy candles and candleholders.  (I love candles and have them all over the place, not just in my altar room.)

So I’m here in front of the computer, just about blissed out with gratitude.  Yeah, I’m working a little on Christmas Day.  But what a gift to have work that I care about enough to do that!  And because I do have some areas of discontent, I know that I can look forward to even better in the coming year.

So onward, indeed!