Clear and cold

by cathrynbauer

2012-12-14 08.30.09Moniquecat shows how it’s done on a cold day.

So Ted is employed again!  He may even be able to get out west for some skiing before he starts which is IMO so necessary.  He has had an incredibly stressful 18 months. Best thing for him would be to spend a week tearing down the slopes.  It’s been hard for me, of course, but I feel like having the garden space and the house are the compensations that I work with. And now we’ve agreed that I can come off of overdrive with work and devote some serious time to the garden as weather permits, so I really feel I will be able to pull myself back together from the events of 2012.  Still won’t be at all sorry to see this year disappear into the mists of time, so to speak.

Yesterday was long and strange, but worked out well in the end.   Left the house at 6:00 a.m.; got to the depo to find out it had been moved back an hour; was told another reporter was delayed by traffic, and could I take this depo instead and let her have the 10:00. I have some history with this government agency and was fairly certain that there were 10-12 people waiting to start, so I felt there was only one answer: “Sure.” So instead of a half-day job with a Mr. Motormouth, I got a long day with attorneys who really knew how to make a record! I thanked them at the end for doing such a good job of that. I have found that positive reinforcement really works well; I do get more of the same next time.  And want to bet they ask for me back (she said modestly)?  I swear that more than half of this job is your work ethic and how you handle yourself in the work setting, knowing and following the considerable body of rules, and expressing yourself appropriately.  I said “appropriately” instead of “nicely” because nice isn’t always the way to go.  Example: the salesman-type witness who pushed me when I said politely that I needed to have the attorney in the room before I could talk to him about how my equipment worked.  He kept pushing on it, so I said rather sharply that no, I couldn’t talk to him, and I didn’t make the rules about it.  (Actually, I do, but that’s another topic entirely which I’ll be glad to explain in comments if there’s interest.)  Anyway, yesterday worked out well.   Since September, the career has really been going at a satisfying pace.  I know who to work for, and they keep giving me more interesting, lucrative assignments.  As to my income, Ted put it as, “You’re doing grand.”  I will be the first person to admit that I am not a gifted steno writer, but somehow, I’m in this and making it work well.

Feeling flabby and dissatisfied with body/health/eating issues again.  I actually eat really good food, much better than when I started consulting with  It’s just that I eat way too much and don’t exercise enough.  Also, I tend to fall of the wagon too much.  I thought about joining Weight Watchers; they do have a vegan component now.  But maybe I could do some of the same things on my own.  And from reading blogs, I have ended up bookmarking some weight loss forums to explore.  We’ll see.  I’ve also thought about using some acupressure points, specifically Kidney 3 and Liver 2, to help me with willpower and staying with it.  I actually feel that now the house is done, we’re moved in, and Ted is securely employed, I actually will be able to focus with some hope of success with this.  As I’m writing this, I realize that this last year was just so tiring that significant weight loss really wasn’t in the cards.  My first task, it appears, is to forgive myself for that.

Other things I’d like to move forward on in life: being better at shielding myself psychically; my lifelong interest in Jungian psychology, gaining some understanding of the Red Book; going to the jam sessions down in St. Mary’s, possibly the Irish session in Wheaton; doing more touristing in this new place; and, as always , the garden, the garden, the garden.

We are also talking about getting another Maine Coon kitty to keep Solangecat company.  She and Moniquecat get along famously.  They cuddle and play pounce games for the four minutes a day of activity that Monique will tolerate.  We share the sense that  Solange is bored since she can’t go outside into the kitty-proof yard all that much in the cold, and there’s not enough to pounce and hide under as yet to be really interesting for her, anyway.   I have done a little research, and with some driving, I think we can find a rescued MC.  But we’ll see.  Cats come from rescues or shelters, period, world without end, amen.

I keep thinking this is the last time I post about the Mean People, but  this week, there was some interesting synchronicity with something that happened to another reporter I’m friendly with.  She was offered a job, accepted it, and it was abruptly with drawn for reasons that weren’t given.  Naturally, she was crushed.  But more came to light — e.g., info from some others who worked in that environment — that she had actually dodged a bullet, that the job was really not at all desirable and they were now concerned for the reporter who would step into it.  As devastating as the rejection was, my colleague really, really needed not to be there.  Seeing what she’s gone through with it this week has been like looking into a mirror for me.

Onward, ever onward.