Is it winter yet?

by cathrynbauer

IMG_2051Dormant can be beautiful.

These last few days have really been a gift, being caught up and not going to work, just receiving those checks.  The blackberry bed is dug.  I’ve started on the strawberry bed and a little bit on the meadow.  It’s good exercise, and I only have to do it once.  Started back practicing steno a little bit, too.  I am really pleased with myself because I actually implemented a suggestion made at a convention about changing my phonetics table.  Did it, and then changed the change to something I thought was more in line with my steno writing.  We shall see.  Did a lot of ironing, cooking, and got out in the yard.  Now I need to crank it down.  I have a long hearing day tomorrow, and I want to be at my best.  It would likely take weeks to get all of the fatigue out of my bones and muscles, but it’s better.

I was happily surprised to receive a beautiful card from someone in the Seedgroup saying that she had no idea what had happened, but was very sad that I was no longer there.  She included her phone number; a picture of herself, husband, and 13-month-old daughter who is a total love; and asked me to contact her.  Wow.  And I do have some more thoughts on this.  I recall when another Druid group, not OBOD, came up for discussion at brunch following our house blessing, I said that I had looked into that group.  What had turned me away was a paragraph about how the core leadership had the final say in every issue regarding the group; I was wary of a certain authoritarianism I had sensed under the famous goofiness of this group’s outward presentation.  That was probably what got the “maybe we should get rid of Cathryn” ball rolling.  If so, well, I still regret the pain their precipitous action caused me, but better I should be well out of there.  I’ve known that at an intellectual level for about a week.  It wasn’t till I understood that was likely the trigger that I began to feel it.

Reading a fun and fascinating novel by Marge Piercy with the intriguing title of Sex Wars.  It’s set circa 1870-1900 in New York and looks at ambitious, courageous people from several walks of life.  I was not surprised really at the friction between the women’s suffrage movement and other civil rights-centric organizations and prominent personalities of the time; just interested in having my gut feeling codified, as it were.  I always thought all that activity, those brilliant writings, but women’s suffrage didn’t happen until 1913; likely they didn’t have many friends, or at least many loyal or helpful ones.  Another interesting point was the importance of Spiritualism at that time to so many people.  Makes perfect sense, though, as explained in the book.  Most families at that time had lost one or more members to the Civil War, and infant mortality was  very high.  I’ve always been wary of that movement.  But someone I’ve been online friends with for over a decade, a woman I like and respect, takes comfort in it.  Clearly, it’s real to her.

Driving north tomorrow for one of my long days.  But this weekend, I’m determined to get some stimulation, whether or not Ted wants to join me.  I’d like to see about some of the self-guided walking tours in DC and Annapolis, plus I’m really in the mood to look at some great art.  We’ve been trying to work up the energy to go to the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian, so if I can drag him on an outing, that’s likely what we’ll do.

Onward, ever onward.