Digging in the sunshine

by cathrynbauer


Blackberry bed is against the back fence, extending all the way left to the gate. 

After several weeks of nonstop work (seven days a week with the occasional half-day, but more typically 14-hour days) I have a little break before reporting a hearing on Friday.  I am technically available for work, but I’m not doing anything to make it happen.  One of the most difficult things about my job is pacing myself intelligently given the ebb and flow of work; I admit to not being the best at this.  Right now, I am still achy-tired.  I’m sure this is partly because I ate a lot of junk food last week when I was upset.  Went to Whole Foods yesterday, and I’ll be getting some good stuff in the refrigerator today and tomorrow.  The morning has kind of taken on a life of its own.  I took the pumpkins from the front walkway, roasted the seeds, and am smashing the pumpkin shells with a shovel and digging them into the blackberry bed.  I just didn’t want to quit working on that this AM!  At this rate, I might even have the bed done today.  I just keep going out.  My back is not going to be very happy tonight, but it’s such a fortuitous intersection of weather and time available.

When I was turning the compost, I saw the first worms I have ever seen in our yard!  I had been asking for them to come.  When the weather is warm enough, I walk around the yard with Solangecat, greet the trees (“Good morning, beautiful tree”), thank the spirits of the land for having us here and ask them to guide me in working with the land.  Then I invite those of the fae who wish us well to be present and call to the bees, butterflies, all friendly flying things, and the worms to bless us with their presence.  I do see butterflies, or at least I did until a couple of weeks ago, and the occasional dragonflies in the yard, but never a worm until today.  Our yard is actually rather sterile.  Much of the land in Calvert County was tobacco farms until the 1970s, including where we live now.  There is a refurbed ranch house in our development.  Given the items I keep unearthing, I think our property may have been a workshop area.  Just this morning, I found what looked like a brush handle and the lacing section of an old workboot.  The shovel keeps striking odd-shaped pieces of wood.  There are quite a few oyster shells around, too, so I think there might have been some barbecues here not all that long ago.

I had some helpful email from an OBOD admin-Druid that helped me put things in perspective a bit.  He looked into the background of the Seedgroup and its adminstrators and said their primary involvement had been in Wicca.  Druidry, he said, preferred a more “mature and democratic” way of doing things.  Apparently, this type of nastiness has happened before, according to him, with new Druids who came from a Wiccan background.  Interesting.  I think if there hadn’t been a response, I would have decided that OBOD was a place where I didn’t need to be.  But I am more-or-less satisfied even though thread about it was eventually taken off the Druidry forum.  What isn’t interesting now is what fault, real or imagined, the Mean People found with me.  I don’t need to know that.  What I need is for people who would turn on me so viciously and suddenly to be absolutely away from me on a permanent basis.  And now, they have had quite enough of my time and attention.

What’s really funny is how last week’s OBOD gwers (lesson) really wound itself into the whole process.  Synchronicity, anyone?

Onward, ever onward.