Pickup from where I left off

by cathrynbauer

First altar in new house

Well, a great deal of water under the dam since I last wrote!  I never quite abandoned this blog.  There has always remained the thought that eventually, it would become something.  That thought still remains.   I blog on, not sure where it is all going, if anywhere at all.  Some blogs are real art forms.  I love The Druid’s Garden and the selkie blog which have specific themes.  Mine is just random.  Well, out of chaos can come form.  We shall see.

We are in the house, and we love it.  We have experienced our first hurricane.  I am a happy and satisfied member of the Seedgroup of the Oak and Eagle of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  I am working — and working — and working.  I completed a number of sessions with Veggiegirl, a vegan nutrition counselor, and I’m eating better, if not less.  The one real fly in the ointment:  Ted’s job is ending unexpectedly, but his prospects are good.  (I can hear the resounding chorus of “I told you so” already, so please don’t bother.)

Onward, ever onward.