A serious candidate for a Lucky Beach Equivalent

by cathrynbauer

Marsh grass at Jug Bay, Prince George’s County

Spring is magnificent here!  I am beginning to feel fortunate at living among so many trees, and I may even have found an East Coast version of my lucky beach!  We live between the great Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay, and yesterday since Ted was felled by flu, I took off to check out some of the Patuxent Water Park.  Since I was scouting out canoe rentals, I headed for Jug Bay on the Pax River.  The marsh trails were in part boardwalks.  The green and the wildflowers were so beautiful, I felt like I was in Fairyland.  This is a place of great inspiration and beauty that I felt instinctively would give to me again and again, just like my lucky beach back in Santa Cruz County!

It has been a while.  I struggled with a cold and was able to shrug it off without too much grief.  But my fatigue and desire to keep going got me eating — and eating — and eating.  It is so demoralizing.   I think I’ve made some progress, but it all goes to hell.  I am still falling into the same bad eating behaviors that I had as a teenager!   I am truly addicted to food, just like an alcoholic is to liquor.  Well, try again tomorrow.

Interesting weekend.  Two social events I did not particularly want to attend, each turning out to be a lot of fun.  I was sloughing off a difficult work week.  Bleeahh.  Not worth hashing over again here, sigh.  Been very busy and working hard — last weekend was two ten-hour days of work on transcripts — but suddenly, no commitments for next week.  Still waiting for the permits to come through on the house.  We have nearly everything chosen that we need to get started.  It’s going to be a beautiful home, and I have every intention of being blissfully happy in it.