It all beckons

by cathrynbauer

The Council Circle at AnnMarie Gardens, Solomons

Turns out my LightSpeed was at fault.  Apparently, some of the circuitry was awry, and it had to go back to the shop.  All that anguish over my writing was completely unnecessary.  I also purchased a second machine so I have a backup.

Went out to our new property yesterday with a container of white wine for an offering to the land spirits.  I thanked them for their presence and poured the wine into the ground.  The strange thing was that after I poured the wine, the inspiration for a new song, an invocation to the spirits of the land, just popped into my head!  I asked for their guidance in building the garden; asked that our property be a haven for birds, bees, butterflies, ladybugs.  As I was asking that, a lovely white butterfly came right in front of me and danced for about 15 seconds!  I stood quietly for awhile.  There was more of a berm around the edges than there had been previously, so I could see more clearly where trees should be planted and where the labyrinth should go.  I had a strong sense of acceptance, and then I was ready to go, singing my song to myself.  “Spirits of the land, spirits of the land, let us live together, each among the others/spirits of the land, let us give each other peace, fruitfulness, inspiration.”