Officially ours!

by cathrynbauer

Officially ours.  The back of the house will face those trees which are (yay!) protected by law.

The California house is sold.  Escrow closed on Wednesday.  Word is that the new buyers are thrilled with it.  Worked out several change orders today with Marrick, our builders.  Then we went out with Jay, a local manager, and saw where the space for the house had been staked off.  Our property backs up to a protected stand of trees.  It really is a fabulous site.  I asked some questions about grading that would be done, and I think it will be left in such a condition that I can just garden it without hiring a landscaping company.  And the garden is going to feature a labyrinth!  I am going to have a labyrinth!  It is possible to buy templates and build your own, working from that.  How thrilling to have something so magical in the garden, right there.  Ted says it is my coming-to-Maryland present.  I can’t believe I am getting so many things that I want.  It really is our dream house.

I made contact with the spirits of the land today as Ted was talking to Jay.  I started by apologizing for all of the noise and disruption involved in building our new home.  Then I asked what kind of offering they preferred.  I had intended to smudge the property with a sage wand, but got the distinct message that I should save that for the structure itself and give them white wine.  Okay, then.  I will be out with a libation sometime early next week.  I also had the sense they wanted me to sing to them, but that didn’t come as clear as the wine.

That will have to wait until I am completely over the sinus infection I developed late last week.  I am finally better today, but still dragging.  It was quite a week.  Found a good doctor and a good dentist.  I am going to get a night guard for my awful tooth grinding.  So tired of waking up with a headache and feeling that I should buy stock in Advil.  I just sort of collapsed, I guess, under all of it.

And someday soon I am going to have to start dealing with the fact that I am not the steno writer that I feel that I should be, and that it’s more the nerves than anything else.

But for now, onward.