From the ground up

by cathrynbauer

In the wetlands, spring starts from the bottom up.

Took the fiddle to the St. Patrick’s Day gathering at the new housing development, College Station.  Met a few of our new neighbors.  I don’t think anyone will be acting up.  Seems like two out of three residents or future residents are in some form of law enforcement!  We’ve got Secret Service, FBI, several K-9 deputies.  Everyone seemed pleasant enough.  The toddlers loved the fiddle.  I got lots of smiles and handclaps.  One little boy, 17 months old, seemed very interested in the mechanics.  I sat down in a folding chair so he could see my movements, and he spent several minutes observing from all angles.  Very satisfying; I love to show people, especially children, that not all music comes from an electronic device such as a computer.

A lot unfolded this week.  We had a notary public from a title company come to the condo this morning and have us sign the closing papers for the sale of our California house.  The builders of the new house put in applications for permits this week.  I was approved for my Virginia notary public which will enable me to practice there, but I still have more hoops to jump through with that and will have to drive to Arlington toward the end of this coming week to be sworn in.  Spent yesterday morning in DC running from one Judiciary Square building to another to purchase my notary bonding insurance and then go to the main DC courthouse so I could wait to have my embosser blessed and solemnly swear or affirm to defend the Constitution.  Finally it was all over and I could go to lunch with my friend Barbara DeVico.  Finally got fed up with the DC subterranean parking garages and am going to make a couple of practice, rush-hour trips into DC using the Metro.   Great excuse to play tourist.  And with the warmer weather, the eastern side of the Patuxent is starting to seem like a beautiful place to live.

So fed up with my lack of fitness, overeating, generally taking my amazingly good health for granted, etc.  I am wishing to be on some kind of program.  I love my every-day-is-different lifestyle, but it doesn’t make regular health habits easy to implement, especially since Ted is a late dinner eater, and I need to eat earlier.  I was successful with MediFast earlier (lost 20 pounds, kept off 10), but haven’t been able to stick to that rigid program.  I have quite the rosacea flare-up.  I just feel eaten up by all the detail of getting ourselves settled: figuring out dental insurance, finding a new doctor, this pass, finding a good vet (haven’t even come up with a catsitter yet).  Bleeeah.

OBOD is working out for me.   I love the graciousness of the tutors and their emphasis on personal process.  It’s already changed me a little bit, making me less hateful toward this condo and beginning to respect it as my home, however temporary.  Looking forward to further journeys in this fine company.