Winter Melting Down

by cathrynbauer

The Arboretum at Battle Creek

Seems like a great deal has happened since my last post.  Went to a professional convention in Virginia and got totally flooded with more technical information than I could absorb all at once.  But it’s what I need to know, and I have an excellent manual that explains it all.  I also met a semilocal agency owner, heard via the grapevine that the D.C. agency owner I worked with was very pleased with my work, and somehow garnered the good opinion of another court reporting luminary who hired me for a rather astonishingly lucrative three-day CART job.  I am not sure what I did, but it evidently was right!  Did a day-and-a-half job, just finished, with semilocal agency.  It was a decent job.  So I am feeling really professionally stimulated and also very rewarded at the present time.

A lot happening, and we may need to move very quickly on the new house and make a decision a little sooner than I would like.  I just got an email from our California realtor which made the decision easier.  If the appraisal price does come in where we want it to (more likely, it will be above the asking price), the decision to move forward will be a lot easier.  And the houses in the new development are going up quickly!  Second to last time we were there, we spoke to another couple who were about two weeks from move-in; their home was nearly finished in under three months.  Needless to say, I hope it works out.  The condo is depressing, especially now that I’m working hard again (three 15-hour days last week).  I come home to this dinginess, and I don’t feel as if there are any rewards for my work.   I just don’t feel like I can thrive here or build any kind of real foundation or really start to dig in and feel that I can work at being home until we have our own place that is better than this, and I can garden again.

Very strange early spring.  We had snow yesterday for a couple of hours, but it didn’t stay on the ground and quickly turned to rain.  Today the sun is playing hide-and-seek, but it’s about 40 degrees.  Got my OBOD materials today.  I am looking forward to filling my mind with beautiful thoughts and images from the course.  I also signed up for Medifast again.  I know I said I was going to do it several months ago, but this time, I really did.

Onward, ever onward.