And so it all continues

by cathrynbauer

Solange the Elasticat on duty.

Well, it’s clear that this is going to a be very auspicious situation for me career-wise!  I did my first CART job in just ages two days ago.  (For non-reporter readers, CART is Communications Access Realtime Technology, essentially captioning that is done onsite with deaf and hard-of-hearing persons.)  It was an enjoyable job, except for getting there and parking, and the client requested me for more work.  I actually have plenty to do work-wise even without my notary!  There is a different attitude toward adaptive services for the deaf here, much more accepting, no doubt because of the proximity of Gallaudet University and its influence.  When I’m not being harassed by hearing people who resent my presence or want a free transcript, or not watching my (almost always) wonderful clients be disregarded by colleagues, I really do enjoy CART work.  It is immensely satisfying to see my clients fully participating in what’s happening because of CART.  Clearly, CART is once again going to be a big part of my working life.  When I can think straight again, I am going to need to focus more on this fact.  For example, I really should learn some rudimentary ASL.  There are online courses and DVDs that would let me do that.  I am keeping my eye on some of the nifty wireless stuff that’s showing up, specifically a device called something like Me2U that allows a client to receive CART onscreen while the provider is sitting some distance away.  If I had credible reports that there weren’t problems with its reliability and the distances involved, I’d have one on order today.  But years of diligent lurking and participation in online forums has taught me that being the first kid on the block to have the new gadget is not the way to go.  In the computing industry, products tend to come out on the market before they are trouble-shot and ready to be trusted.  But I hope I get to play with it at TechCon, the convention that’s coming up in a couple of weekends.  Anyhow, I’m intrigued and stimulated by the possibilities.  I’ll be CARTing a presentation for Black History Month this week.  I’m having to get all the verses of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Negro National Anthem and the gut-wrenching “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech into my dictionary.  Cool.  There is also a strong market for remote CART, something I don’t feel quite up to at this time.   I need to get how the technology works.  I think some of it’s done with a program called Go to Meeting which Ted has and can show me.

How I do rattle on.   But I have to admit that this is intriguing and stimulating.  I should never retire.  I don’t have the mindset for it.  Even the first couple of weeks here when I had only moving stuff to do, it made me crazy.

More house stuff tomorrow.  Ted is really worn out with dealing with this.  It did add a huge dimension of complexity to the move.  It seems a little strange now that at that time, I couldn’t face doing it without getting a comparable living space.  But Ted was just as enthusiastic about the possibility that we’re involved with throughout and, in fact, I several times said I didn’t know why we needed such a big and elaborate space!  But he wanted lots of guest space which made no sense to me; we have never been very social.  He had the bit in his teeth at that point.  I said I would be happy with a lateral move, the Maryland equivalent of what we had!  But at this particular moment, the acting perception is such that I am the guilty one.  I do remember how it seemed at the time.  The enormity of leaving everything, including the house and garden, just seemed like too much.  I needed the idea that we would soon have a comparable house and garden to get me through it emotionally.   It may well have been wrong, or at least not the most practical and best idea, but I couldn’t face it otherwise.  And I was right.  I loathe this condo even as I admit that if this falls through, staying here through the next year makes sense.   I just feel really stressed about the whole thing.  Even now, this week, he didn’t want to cancel it after all this.   Our realtor says there have been several inquiries about the house we’re selling, and there’s an open house this weekend.  We are in complete agreement that we don’t want to do anything until our California house is sold; there’s a contingency in the contract with the builders out here that nothing happens till then.

I know it’s sensible, but I really dislike this dingy condo.  It is hard to motivate myself, hard to get going in such an discolored and inadequate environment, close to impossible to relax and renew here.   I know it’s not all about me.  But I do feel shortchanged living here, sensible as it is.