My Second Maryland Full Moon

by cathrynbauer

She’s almost full!

Well, I kept on keeping on this weekend, attending a monthly women’s ritual at the Unitarian Church in Annapolis (there’s more great stuff in Annapolis!), an Imbolc celebration up in a suburb of Baltimore, and a fiddle club meeting.   So far it’s Local Pagans: Wonderful; Fiddle Club, Yuck.  It’s very directed.  There were three solid hours of learning dumbed-down fiddle tunes, led by the unimpressive musical director.  I need that like a hole in the head.  Supposedly there was a session after dinner, but so many people were leaving for Super Bowl that I don’t think it happened.  Anyway, I was ready to take the first opportunity to leave.  There’s a Scottish session next Sunday that I am tentatively planning to attend.  I probably should check it out once even though the anchor is a fiddle club member who seems to have no problem with the meeting format.

The Pagan meetings were just fantastic though very different in flavor.  The UU Pagan women were very warm, welcoming, and kind.  It was easy to open my heart and truly worship as we chanted and danced.  The Imbolc ritual was the Central Maryland Pagans.  What a fun and interesting group!  First ritual I’ve ever been to where the hostess offered everyone a chocolate martini beforehand.  Generous hostess, thoughtful priestess, great participation.  I played the fiddle and was asked to call in East.  At literally the last second, I found myself singing it, singing the Air portion of the elements chant I wrote for my own worship.  I was bowled over at the reception and the lovely things said to me after the ritual.  I’m definitely going back to both of these groups.

I have long suspected that I am not a musician’s musician.  My most memorable music-making has pretty near always been with audiences who likely don’t have musical instruments at home, who are amazed at seeing someone playing an instrument and ask me questions like, “What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?”  (I always reply, “Well, the classic answer to that is that a fiddle is a violin that doesn’t mind if beer spills on it,” and then after the laughter, explain.)  I’ve played rituals and had the High Priestess spontaneously call for dancing to the fiddle.  I’ve played for a Young Judea group to contradance on the deck of an Alaska ferry.  My most memorable session was when a group of Nigerians, relatives of the pub manager, heard Irish music for the first time and were transported by it.  They could not keep their feet still!  This bunch did these wonderful, bouncing dance movements and pulled the regulars off of barstools to dance with them.  Now, that’s music-making after my own heart!

Had two long days reporting a hearing up in DC.  I am home with that transcript for the most part.  Tonight is the first night of the full moon.  Of course, my most important intention will be getting our house sold.  Trying not to dwell on that.  Really, everything for the move has been accomplished.  We have had what we needed for this huge transition, and this is the last piece of it all.  Though we are discussing alternatives, I believe that we will be taken through this, too.

Onward, ever onward.