Hail Brighid!

by cathrynbauer

Inside the butterfly enclosure at the Natural History Museum.

Though I will be celebrating this Saturday, it’s Imbolc.  Or I think more accurately, the season of Imbolc has begun.  This happy holiday of my matron goddess deserves more than a day of remembrance!  It is a time of light flickering to life, of the first shoots coming from the ground.  When I had a garden, Imbolc days were when I began to plant seeds in starter pots and begin fertilizing the trees and smaller perennials.  The Wheel will indeed turn, and spring fulfillment will come.  It is the unbreakable promise.   Now, that’s sacred!   That’s what I worship, the power that creates and moves the seasons, the waves, the Earth’s orbit.

There are many phrases that describe Brighid, but the one that describes Her most clearly to me is Brighid of the Open Hands.  I have never feared to ask Brighid for my own happiness even as I ask for the greater good.  The historic Brighid gave when she saw need.  The common pastureland that she established in Kildare is, as I understand, still in use.  She would not be deterred from what she understood as God’s plan for her, and great good was accomplished thereby in this world, as well as a legacy worth emulation.

Hail Brighid!