Just let me at that hard clay

by cathrynbauer

Ted shivering on the site of our new home.

Well, it has been quite a week.  The summary: Since I began putting out energy for things to get better and clearer (e.g., lighting the candle Michael gave me), they have.  I’m still rather sick about having to restart my career again — new formats, the trial and error of working with new agencies — but I got the idea this week that going back to CART could really work for me.  (CART is a form of captioning for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons.)  So that’s the next effort.   Had a meeting with a D.C. agency owner which canceled after I’d already started driving north.  So I just kept on going and went to the Smithsonian!  I focused on the National Museum of Natural History which was amazing.  I loved how they emphasized the concept of interdependence, the oceans’ effect on the world we live in, our effect on the ocean.  And I saw the Hope Diamond!  I really liked the butterfly exhibit, an enclosed, tropically heated area within the museum.  It was stuffed with flowering plants and every kind of butterfly. I was especially captivated by the lacewings.  I cannot imagine a more exquisitely beautiful creature.  I got myself an associate membership in the Smithsonian.  I think I am going to be there fairly often.  I want to see everything!  I think my next target is the National Museum of Art.

Did my homework and found both musical and Pagan events to attend.  Went to a Celtic festival in Leonardtown yesterday, e.g., workshops and an evening performance.  The artists were pretty rinky-dink, but lo and behold,the beginner fiddler sitting next to me introduced herself as a Druid and said fiddle was part of her spiritual path!  Really, what were the odds?  It turned out we were both planning to attend the full moon gathering at the UU church in Annapolis next Friday.  So now we’re going to carpool.   She is one interesting person, and I am looking forward to talking with her more.

And I am also looking forward to meeting with Cassandra, another court reporter who has been very helpful to me.  If the week falls out right, she is going to show me the ropes of the D.C. Metro on Thursday.  It will be great to have lunch and spend some time with her.  Then next weekend, I have the full moon ritual Friday night, Imbolc ritual up near Baltimore on Saturday, and then my first Potomac Valley Fiddle club meeting Sunday.

I have been eating really badly this week.  Took a long nap this PM; I think it was kind of a reset.  It is hard having Ted gone so much and so tired when he’s home, but this week, I decided I needed to roll with it and support him.  For this fantastic new job, he has a fair amount of skill and knowledge to update.  He was unemployed for six months.  Despite my total respect for the way he handled himself during this awful period, I know it was demoralizing.  And of course, there is a huge investment for making this go.  So onward, ever onward.