Harder than expected

by cathrynbauer

Monique, queen of the new cat tree

Well, I’m two weeks in as a resident of Maryland.  The actual move was just horrible.  I didn’t think anything could be worse than dealing with the moving company who could not have made it more stressful and difficult if they had deliberately tried to do so (Yelp.com review forthcoming), but flying with the cats turned out to be the most humiliating experience of my adult life to date.  Despite rigorous planning and following all instructions of my vet and JetBlue, they got horribly sick on the plane and had explosive diarrhea.  We got here, but just barely.  One flight attendant didn’t want to let us on the plane for the final leg of the trip, but the captain overruled her.  Thanks to Mary Lou who flew with me and cats.  It would have been a lot worse without her.  As far as I am concerned, they are on a no-fly list.  In the unlikely event that they have to be transported any long distance again, I’ll think of something else to get them where we need to go.  Anything else.  They’re doing fine now.  In fact, they sprung right out of their flight carriers and headed straight for the new kitty tree Ted had ready for them.  It did take them most of the past two weeks to forgive me, however.  The process was complete when I found their working mat, the one that they normally use when supervising steno or any computer activity, and placed it in from of the filing cabinet to the left of the computer desk, its traditional position.

This has all been really tough.  I didn’t grieve the loss of my California life as I needed to beforehand, and it hit me hard.  I hope to start working soon.  However, there are limits on what I can do while I wait for my notaries public in the various states to come through.  I have to have those in order to give the oath.  That cuts out depositions.  Still, there might be some court work or arbitrations (where the clerk or arbitrator customarily swears in witnesses) available for me.  It seems that there is no end to the unpacking.  In some cases, it’s repacking.  We are taking out just what we need because we will likely be moving to a new home, probably one we’ve had built to spec (we’re still negotiating).

January is just a crummy time to move to a new, unfamiliar place.  It’s a mild winter, fortunately, and I am adapting; 37 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t seem quite as cold as it did a week ago.  This is just hard, though.  Ted is gone most days from 7:30 a.m. to about 8:30 p.m.; his gym is near his work, and he does a long workout four times a week.  So I’m here in the townhouse with the white walls and boxes staring at me.  But slowly, I am making sense of this.  I would like to fine-tune my office organization, but it’s basically workable.  What I have been managing to do is eat like a civilized human being; get the workouts in reasonably well; push through what’s needed for my notaries; practice steno with the Magnum Steno Club amid the chaos.  Ted and I went to Annapolis last Sunday to see a movie, check out the town, and visit Whole Foods.  Annapolis is a seriously interesting and beautiful place!  Once the weather is warmer, I really want to go back and take some walking tours and also a water tour.

Ted and I are on different tracks; I’m here all day for the most part; he’s not.  I’d love to get out tomorrow.  I am planning to check out the nearest Unitarian church.  A lot of Pagans find this compatible.  But I know he needs to be arranging his office and do the things he doesn’t have time to during the week.  So if we don’t get out, I’ll head up to D.C. on Monday or Tuesday, either to go to the Smithsonian or National Cathedral, two places I’d really like to spend some serious time.  Onward.  I think I’ll be blogging more for a short while.