A kind of liminality

by cathrynbauer

I swear I only had this cloth down on the floor for half a minute, if that.

One interesting aspect of this week is that I am getting a new understanding of the term “liminal” which I have commonly heard used to describe ritual space, the space between the worlds.  I am between places, not working, not in any routine, but with a formidable amount of tasks and organization that I prepared for as much possible on a daily basis beforehand.  However, still there is a great deal that could not be foreseen, other things that could not have been handled until this time.  Events unfolding which I can anticipate and prepare for as completely as possible, but there are always twists and turns.  Out of the routine of goals; while there are plenty of commitments and appointments, they are in a completely different category than the usual.  And everything must be met, with the usual set aside.  It does give a different perspective.  I see a need for greater awareness of the household, what’s piling up and becoming a waste of space, knowing what we’ve got and thinking on a weekly basis about what needs to go or be gone through.  And I swear that from now on, I will get a pest inspection done every three years; you find out so much about what needs to be done on the house.  So liminality includes distance, seeing from another perspective.   Liminality is not Otherwhere; it’s between, and you see what is not liminal in a different light.  I think it requires full attention.

One of the promises I made to myself for the new year was that I was going to set aside my paper journal.  I have been addicted to this since 1970!  The effort that went into writing and thinking was now to go into exercise.  I know, it’s only the third of the first month of the year, but this seems to be working.  I have managed an hour a day, balancing my conscious dance with the AirDyne.  I’m going to do as well as I can with it all this week and then resume as soon as I am able once we’re in Prince Frederick.  Another was to give up dieting and just try to use what I’ve learned to be a normal person foodwise.  Ted wants me to give up being a vegetarian.  I don’t know that I can bring myself to eat meat, frankly.  And I think if I become a more dedicated and intelligent vegetarian, actually cooking and planning, this can work better for me than it has.  So the desire to make things that don’t involve pixels, ink, or paper can be channeled into learning about food and how to cook.  I am going to wean myself off of diet soda and onto water.  The other promise, I’ve already acted on, e.g., keeping the extracurricular activities to gardening, fiddle, and spirituality.

So Ted flies off tomorrow.  I will be around for a few more days, tying up loose ends and supervising the movers, something I absolutely insist on.  I don’t think I’ll really be able to relax, should such an opportunity actually take place, until I have the cats safely at the rental.  Onward, ever onward.