Hail the New, ye lads and lasses!

by cathrynbauer

Solangecat looking mysterious.

And 2012 it is.  Worked out for an hour, combination of Ecstatic Dance and the AirDyne, surprising even myself.  Went to a party at the house of Ted’s tennis partner that actually turned out to be reasonably enjoyable.  Managed to eat like a civilized human being.  Still have this trivial but annoying rash on my forearms I’ve had for the last five days.  (Big surprise.)

Lots of New Year’s thoughts; not much energy to write them down.  I don’t feel like anything can really start until I’ve gotten us to Maryland.  Life’s just too abnormal.  There is quite a lot of change I want, both professionally and healthwise.  I made a decent start with food and exercise today.  I’ll just do the best I can until we get somewhat settled into the townhouse.  Sigh.  Onward, ever onward.