It all grinds on

by cathrynbauer

Monique’s posterior.  She likes to flip her tail around when she is praised or life is suddenly feeling especially good.  Go figure.

Well, I got that arbitration transcript in.  What galled me was I was given some misinformation about formatting the transcript.  I was livid because of the considerable time wasted.  I am really amiable about using different formats as required by the reporting firm — they all have their reasons, and it’s them I’m working for — but tell me what you want before I start on the transcript or, better yet, take the job!  It’s your responsibility to communicate what you want format-wise, firm owner/manager!  My certification tests don’t include screening for ESP.  I’m an aging court reporter with a deep and heartfelt respect for time, my own and others’.  I know stuff happens, and proceedings come and go (sometimes several times back and forth in the same day) in Law World; that can’t be helped, and part of my job is to roll with it.  This kind of time-wasting careless is, however, inexcusable in my book, particularly since I double-checked and was given misinformation again, only to have the transcript sent back to me for correction.

Anyway, on to the New Year.  I need to pester someone about it being okay to put their name as a reference on my notary application for D.C.  A lovely gentleman who wants me to work for him is sponsoring me for my D.C. notary.   I need two other references, people who live or work in D.C. who are not him.  I have the required Registered Professional Reporter certification from our national organization.  Thank Goddess I kept it up!  It doesn’t mean a great deal in California, but I got my ceus and hung onto it for two primary reasons: it’s the only certification required in quite a few states, and the RPR is the gateway to advanced certifications which do mean a lot, particularly to the reporter ego.  In the area around D.C., what’s needed is the RPR and notary public certification for each state.  I need one more reference to put down.  I think my request is being ignored by one person which actually surprises me; the other was downright enthusiastic, bless her heart.  The issue is that I can’t swear in witnesses without the notary.  There will likely be some work I can do, like arbitrations and court proceedings where a clerk or the judge can give the oath, until I get it.  Anyway, I am looking at ways to not work so hard in the New Year, in part so I have more time for professional development  (I WANT TO PASS THE MERIT!!).  I hope to just work for a couple of agencies most of the time, instead of a whole slew of them with all their different procedures and formats.  Lovely Gentleman, at my request, sent sample formats.  I plan to peruse them while I wait for my steno equipment to arrive.

Had too much to do today to be reflective.  Sigh.  Onward, ever onward.