Thanksgiving Rain

by cathrynbauer

Monique is meditating on top of a folded-up futon.

Well, it’s been a while.  (Thank you, Captain Obvious.)  Ted is well and truly settled at his job in Maryland.  I attended the Greater Washington Shorthand Association meeting in Virginia in mid-October.  He joined me there, and we tacked two days onto the trip for house-hunting purposes.  The trip just felt like a gold mine all the way around.  There were plenty of opportunities all around.  I think this is meant to be.

So much water under the dam since I last wrote.  I was looking at blogs last night and wondering whether the Internet really needed one more.  But that type of thinking generally, a relic of my late mother, is something I would like to avoid.  We are well into the really stinky part of the move.  Its features include: getting the house ready for sale; hiring a mover (appointment next week), shoveling out old stuff.  I’m done with clothes (mine) and about two-thirds of the way through the paperwork.  I’m filling boxes, and I am just going to take the financial stuff to a professional outfit that does shredding.  All this has inspired long thoughts about the necessity of destruction.  I had financial records from 1989!  I am pretty good about getting rid of utility bills that are more than a year old, but I need a better plan for paperwork destruction.  And my professional records are a whole other ball of wax.  I plan to print out the CA guidelines for record retention for CRs and work with that.  Yeah, boring stuff.  And then there’s the anxiety of not having a rental yet.  We will probably get stuck with a year lease.  We were hoping for six months, but it appears that a year is standard in Central Maryland.  We are planning to build and are now trying to get pre-qualified by the realtor and builder.  Since I am not yet employed in the D.C. area, we have to go entirely off of Ted’s salary for that, and he’s only worked there since October 1, gulp.  Time for spellwork.

Had a big rush of work, a long pharmacoepidemiologist videotape depo that ate literally the whole weekend.  I turned it in Monday at 1:30 a.m.  Then I had to go out to another expedited job on Monday.  I was running on caffeine and chocolate for that one, but I did get it in on time.  And yesterday, I was simply torpid.  I did fulfill my self-imposed obligation of doing something to further the move every day, including today.  I actually haven’t exercised since last Friday which is just awful!  Today I got done the one little transcript I had left, something from my County days (can’t get those far enough behind me).  I had big plans for the rest of the morning, but I still feel like just crawling back in bed.  Want to go to my lucky beach tomorrow.  That kind of acts as a reset for me a lot of times.

Going to a girlfriend Thanksgiving at Helen’s house.  I will enjoy it more knowing that Ted got an invite, too, on the other side of the country.  Helen and I both started out at Oakland College of Court Reporting.  When I came down from theory class into the main classrooms, Helen welcomed me, and that was how we met.  She is such a good person, started out if life so very differently from me, and with integrity and self-responsibility through it all.  She is the kind of friend that would help you hide the body.  Stephanie is another.  So glad I will be leaving her healthy (long story).

Onward, ever onward.