A Sea-Change

by cathrynbauer

Wind on sand at Waddell Beach, Santa Cruz County.

Surprise, Ted got the job in southern Maryland.  This all happened about four days ago.  Needless to say, we are processing and bandying about a lot of ideas about how the relocation from the western edge of the continent to the eastern might be best accomplished.   This is on the face of things — no telling how it will play out — such a great career move for him that we simply have to check it out.  He will be leaving for parts east a week from tomorrow.  The plan now is that I will stay here for the next six months while we see how it all plays out.  It is such a gargantuan move, particularly when you have spent years building up a successful freelance court reporting practice (sigh).   I do plan to visit frequently, probably starting at the end of October.

This could be great.  The area has a tremendous amount to offer.  Real estate prices are literally half of what we Californians are used to.  There is a great deal of natural beauty.  We will be right near Chesapeake Bay.  There is a thriving traditional music scene in the Greater D.C. area.

The upshot, though, is to be patient and see how it works out.  We will manage the separation.  Even though we will not be together physically much of the time, we are still pulling together.  This is something that people who are together for 34 years can do, I think.

Onward, ever onward.