While you’re making other plans

by cathrynbauer

Well, so much for fleeing back into the depo world.  I will be reporting mostly at Juvenile Hall for at least the next three weeks, being moved around the county courthouses here and there.  This is timely from a financial standpoint, certainly.  September is when our various insurance premiums come due.  And with Ted’s job situation, it’s the same old, same old.  Ted was supposed to start a new contract last Monday.  Instead of starting work, he got a terse email that the project wasn’t going forward and his services weren’t required.  He’s doing a little work for pay here and there and has had a couple of interviews that are (famous last word) promising.  So I did feel I needed to say yes to this.   I think a lot of employers feel that the economic situation gives them free rein to take advantage and mistreat, and Ted was at the receiving end of this unfortunate mentality.

Twice since I got the news about my mother, I have slipped or tripped over something and fallen, once on Asilomar Beach and once about half a block from the Fremont courthouse.  That was the day before yesterday.   I got a couple of nasty abrasions on my right little finger and forearm, just above my elbow.  One was really bothering me, and I was afraid it was infected.  Got a paramedic to look at it at it yesterday, and he said maybe given the redness, but it seemed to be scabbing up and healing very well, so he wasn’t sure.  I decided to keep daubing it with aloe vera and give it another night before calling the doctor’s office.  It’s much better today and definitely is not infected.  Two trip-and-falls is not exactly a coincidence, especially when the second is exponentially worse than the first.  Am I missing something bigger, not seeing something important that’s right in front of me?

In any event, I’m driving very, very carefully.