A Lovely Lughnassadh

by cathrynbauer

Hosted the Fodla Druid group celebration of Lughnassadh, the first of three harvest feasts.  I don’t remember when I’ve enjoyed having a group of people over as much.  Above is the altar that our priest, Joel, set up on the stone bench underneath the apple tree.  There was also a fire cauldron; Fodla rituals have the hearth as their center.  The items on the offering are altars to the Shining Ones, the deities we name in our hearts.  It really felt like a feast.  We had a beautiful poem to Nuada from Michael, as well as his telling of the story of Lugh.  (The Bay Area is packed with self-styled poets, but Michael is the real deal; his work is brilliant.)  The garden was at its best; Ted was a great host and grillmeister.  I so enjoyed sitting around the dinner table with everyone.  Sent them off with herbs and flowers.  One of the many pleasures of the garden is sharing it.

I was not called in to a last-minute job today, so I’m off to Nia class in a bit.  Tough life, I know >wg<.  I do have an assignment here and there this month.  I have to go into court tomorrow.  I am hoping to lose the bone-deep fatigue I have from these last six months-plus of working so hard.  The work has actually been a blessing — we have kept afloat astonishingly well since Ted’s unemployment last February — but it’s taken a toll.  There is quite a lot that I would like to do that I haven’t had a chance to do.  I miss not writing.  That’s one reason I started this blog.  I have had to severely pare down the personal interests since things got so hectic, and I haven’t even been doing the steno practice I want to.  I am going to take the RMR exam next November with the idea that the worst that can happen is that I can get a good picture of what I need to do for the next one.  But I really am hoping to pass something.  Could be that a lot of that achy fatigue is really about frustration at all that I haven’t been able to pack in.

Onward, ever onward.