Just the usual abnormality

by cathrynbauer

I keep thinking our garden is at its peak, but it just keeps getting better and better with more flowering and filling out of the space.  Snapped this with my iPhone yesterday.  I lovelovelove sunflowers in all their infinite variety and their bee hospitality.

Feel like I experienced the worst and the best of court reporting this past week.  I was pursued by an insane and abusive pro per who persisted after I told her any future interactions would go through the relevant manager.  I then forwarded all emails to the manager who told me it was no longer my problem.  Haven’t heard anymore from the psycho which leads me to believe that relevant manager was quite forceful with her, possibly saying they’d help me get a no-contact order from a judge if she continued.  This is still not off the table.  Part of the problem was she was furious with me because I wouldn’t provide her a letter saying she needed the transcript because her ex-husband had changed it.  Problem with that is, first of all, perjury just isn’t my thing; I couldn’t testify to that unless I had actually seen him do it.  Second, as I understand it, I’d be violating Code if I involved myself in the case in that manner or really any other beyond providing a transcript as proscribed.  Third, why the hell should I take the time to do that for her or anyone?  Anyway, it may or may not be over, but I am more than willing to discuss this matter in front of a judge if it comes to that.  I recognize the pattern from my work managing a homeless placement office in San Francisco in the mid-’90s.  Psychotic people will make demands, often grandiose ones, and explode in rage and violent threats when they do not receive exactly what they want.  Then they simmer down, more or less, and are really surprised that no one wants to deal with them anymore or that there are, heaven forbid, consequences for making threats, particularly violent ones.

Then a day or two later, get an email from someone who really should have contacted me several weeks earlier since her hearing was this coming Tuesday.   Fortunately, I had just cleared the desk and was able to prepare her transcript.  This was a horrible domestic violence case.  I should not say much more publicly, but it was enormously satisfying to know that having that transcript is going to ultimately lead to her safety.  And no, I am not permitted to, never will, and never have changed a transcript in any way.  They said what they said.  I don’t even clean up lawyers’ speech to make them look better, though there is always some level of pressure to do that.  And particularly in DV cases, even if I were inclined to perjure myself, violate Code, and all that other bad stuff, I wouldn’t need to go to the trouble.  It is astonishing how these guys incriminate themselves.  IMO, it’s part of the batterer syndrome or mindset, if you will.  Even when admonished that they could be incriminating themselves, they will tell everyone anything about how they just lost it for a minute and had to hit her.  I have reported proceedings where this has happened more times than I can count.  In any event, I am so grateful that I was able to get that out and done.  The transcript has so much power.  Corny, yes, but it’s situations like this that really do make it all worthwhile.

I don’t have to work this weekend.  I do have a transcript, but I will have time to work on it next week given how I’m scheduled.  Also, I don’t have complete orders (e.g., checks) yet, so I should not commit a lot of time or energy to it.  Ate too much sugary stuff yesterday, partly out of vague and partly out of emotion; I just gave in to it, sigh, and paid the price in feeling just lousy last night, achy and tense and weak.  I have been too old to eat like that for a very long time, but still blow it every once in a while.   I will go to Nia class and then to the Farmers’ Market.  Also planning on a lot of quality garden time this weekend.  And I have the best of intentions about going to session (Celtic music-making gathering, usually held in a pub) tomorrow.  I’m not totally comatose like I was last weekend.  And today is my weekly non-steno-practice day!

Onward, ever onward.