Migrating from iWeb

by cathrynbauer

Moved over from the Mobile Me site.  Did some Googling on the issues I was having with updating, and I’m not alone.  Like so many products of the computing industry, iWeb is up and out well before it’s ready for primetime.  This is kind of a test post, nothing terribly profound to write.  Just got back from a fabulous Nia class with Lennie.  Started out with a fair amount of hip stiffness and achiness, but it all disappeared by the end of class without me.  Saw the Deathly Hallows conclusion last night.  It was brilliant.  I think a new standard was set for special effects.  Now I have Harry Potter on the brain.  After a week in court, a little magic and heroism is very appealing.  Last case I reported yesterday was a child custody dispute that featured prostitution, rigging someone’s car and phone with covert tracking and bugging devices, and Stage 4 cancer.  All true and, of course, all horribly sad.  I can’t make this stuff up.  A little fairy dust is a great antidote.  I am giving up on work the rest of today and hitting it up tomorrow.  I may watch more Harry Potter.  Wine will be necessary.

Here is a gratuitous image that will further test this site: